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About Us
We are passionate about helping people to learn

All too often we’ve seen the commercial failures that occur when businesses invest in new systems without the right support and training. There’s a big gap between technology and training investments – and in 2017, we formed Fudgelearn to close that gap.

We aspire to provide every employee with the best training. Our team of user adoption experts are highly experienced in building training programs that are tailor-made for each business. They’ll help you maximise the commercial value from your system implementations and upgrades, and empower your workforce to success.

Why Us
We understand that every organisation has various learning needs and each individual takes a different approach in developing their knowledge. That’s where our blended learning concept will help you. Be it on your premises or ours, our experts will design training materials based on your role and requirements. Being the only Oracle Approved Education Centre for Cloud training in EMEA, we ensure that you receive up to date training with courses certified and approved by Oracle.

From the first enquiry our fully qualified Education consultants will support and guide you on your learning journey.


We recommend a light or full TNA (training needs analysis) so we fully understand your training requirements.

Tailored Design

Using our unique blended approach, we will ensure your journey is tailored for you or your organisational needs.


Our instructors are also subject matter experts, ensuring the highest possible level of training delivery.


We are an Oracle Approved Education Partner, meaning all training we deliver is certified by Oracle.


Every course or event we deliver is appraised, monitored and fed back to uphold our commitment to quality.

Our values
  • Empowerment – We energise people and give them the responsibility to make a difference.
  • Collaboration – We work in partnership with our customers, sharing our knowledge and experiences to create the best collective outcome.
  • Honesty – The integrity to do what is right and be open and transparent in our actions.
  • Innovation – We’re always looking for new opportunities, as we strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.
  • Simplicity – Clear communication is everything in training.
Our Leaders
Founder & Director

Tony has had a long-standing commitment with the Oracle User community, which is evident in the fact he founded the first independent Oracle Alliance as well as founding an extremely successful Oracle resourcing specialist company. He has had a close-knit partnership with the UKOUG for many years which has only strengthened his relationship with the community.

Taking a peek into his personal life, Tony was born in Dorset and grew up in East London. His interests lie in sports such as Rugby and Cycling. He has combined his love of cycling with a desire to help others and took part in his longest cycle ride to date from Germany to the UK!

Like Vikram, Tony is a solutions designer with a passion for training. His experience in handling businesses for over 18 years has helped him understand the requirements of most company departments and allowed him to develop a business that benefits both his customers and partners alike.

His partnership with Vikram was a natural fit given their similar passions and complementary skill sets.  

Founder & Director

Vikram is a successful co-founder of various businesses in the technology, fashion and defence space. As the company’s visionary and evangelist, Vikram takes care of our growth strategy, marketing and business development.

Vikram’s journey started from a small agricultural village in India before he became a British citizen. While studying engineering in Nepal, Vikram decided studying wasn’t for him and decided to drop out and chase his dreams. He became involved in various entrepreneurial ventures in India, exploring industries like steel welding, Physics teaching and eventually reached a point where he realised his passions and interests lay in the world of technology. He combined his passion for teaching and technology with a like-minded individual and his now co-founder, Tony.

When Vikram isn’t busy working on his multiple businesses he can often be found on a cricket field playing a club at Guildford.