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Oracle Linux 7 Administration for Database Administrators

Learn how these cutting edge platforms can benefit your business.

Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux are world-class operating systems that offer security and stability, with low cost of ownership. With 11 world records and counting, Oracle Solaris 11 is the first cloud OS, and offers up to 10x storage savings. To gain a deeper understanding of how these platforms can benefit your business, explore Oracle Operating Systems Training. Learn about file and directory management, remote commands, and basic network use from Oracle University instructors. Learn more about Oracle's Operating Systems Categories below.

Take Full Advantage of the Features of These Cutting Edge Operating Systems

Develop a solid foundation of knowledge about secure and stable world-class operating systems with an Oracle Operating Systems Certification. Understand and fully leverage the power of operating systems like Linux and Solaris. While preparing for your exams, gain a deeper understanding of how these platforms can transform your business. This understanding and new skill set make you a more marketable technologist to top companies utilizing this Oracle technology on a daily basis. Take the first step today.

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