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Application Performance Monitoring Cloud

Oracle Workforce Rewards Cloud is designed to help you attract and retain talent with differentiated workforce rewards and organizational remuneration structures.

 Oracle Workforce Rewards Cloud training will: 

  • show you how to implement, configure and extend your application using best practices
  • teach you how to administer and manage your application
  • explain how to design and deliver compensation and benefit programs to meet your organization's objectives

Earning a Workforce Rewards Cloud Certification will:

  • Teach you to implement an effective workforce rewards solution for your clients
  • Give you the tools to deliver the ability to create and manage fair and accurate compensation structures, flexible benefits, strategic payroll management and effective sales compensation programs.
  • Allow you to deliver valuable insight to improve processes and workforce rewards management.


Benefits Cloud training will show you how to implem...
Compensation Cloud training will show you how to im...
Payroll Cloud training will show you how to impleme...
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