As the only Certified Oracle Education Centre for Cloud products in Europe, at Fudgelearn, we do not only deliver training tailored to your business’ needs, but we are also passionate in doing so, taking pride in delivering the highest quality learning experience.

How will this benefit you?

  You will be able to choose a training method that suits your team, whether that is in a virtual classroom or in-house
  You will be able to have a private event or a digital learning journey set up for you
  You will have training delivered to you by Oracle approved instructors, who are subject matter experts
  You will have a stress and strain-free learning journey
  You will have the opportunity to take advantage of our discounted packages

Our services are personal to you, so we find the best way to start our relationship with you is to sit, talk and understand what these needs are. Then we can suggest the best methods and services that suit you.