User Adoption Services

Over the years it has been observed among large ERP projects, that User Adoption is not a planned change.
However, with organisations now moving from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, the enterprise culture, usage
of application and process shifts noticed, are significant. Hence why User Adoption needs to be strategically
planned to ensure successful cloud migration. As leading Oracle training partners, Fudgelearn accelerates User
Adoption to ensure this long-term success.

oracle cloud user adoption

How we do it

 Business Objectives – clarify and document what the project is trying to achieve? What are the critical success factors?
 Training needs analysis – identify what are the department, individual requirements, cultural and behavioural changes required.
 Business Alignment – create a change strategy plan, which is to be agreed and sponsored by executives and senior management.
 Content Development – develop the training materials or learning management systems inline with agreed strategy and change plan.
 Project Team Training – deliver training to the project team members, aligned with critical success requirements.
 Implementation – deliver user training, usage of the new system begins.
 Measurement – validate implementation with smart, effective matrixes.
 Reinforcement – provide post go-live support, renewed communication and/or an ongoing managed service.

Guided Learning?

What do our clients say?

We have had the pleasure of working with Fudgelearn on a series of training webinars to support the global rollout of Oracle Fusion. Not only has Fudgelearn been professional, committed and a valued partner in supporting the educational rollout of our material to the business but their instructor has also gone above and beyond to help us resolve unforeseen issues, sometimes in areas that haven’t even been of his concern but he is such a team player, he never even considered not offering his support and helping us resolve problems and issues that always seem to come from nowhere on projects.
Thank you!

Global Head of Talent Acquisition & Change Management Lead
UDG Healthcare PLC

How can we help?

If you would like to find out how Fudgelearn can help you, please get in touch.